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The Traditional Architecture Group
A Linked Society of the Royal Institute of British Architects

 Members Newsletter No 21

Tuesday, 11th March 2014

In this issue

  • TAG AGM 2014

  • Sunday Times Housing Awards

TAG AGM 2014

The 2014 AGM will be held at 2.00pm for 2.30pm on Thursday 10th April 2014, in Aston Webb Room (2nd floor) at the RIBA

Prior to AGM
Free RIBA Finger Buffet
as TAG Members Present Work

We are doing things a little different this year. TAG is invited members to give a brief display on the screen of any work built or on the drawing board lasting about 10 minutes.

This will happen over lunch before the AGM between 12am and 2pm depending on the numbers. It will be an informal event for the interest of members.

Please write to Peter Kellow to say you wish to show some photos or drawings. Finished presentation standard not essential

Also between 12am and 2pm a free RIBA finger buffet in the same room will be available.

  • Please reply stating if you can show some work to TAG members

  • Please reply stating if you will be having the buffet lunch.

  • Please reply stating whether you intend to attend the AGM or not.

Reply to

This meeting is open only to TAG members

Peter Kellow
TAG Communications

Sunday Times Housing Awards
Closing date: 2nd May 2014

Robert Adam writes

I have been on the judging panel of these awards for a number of years.  Last year I resigned due to the very marked style bias in judging toward modernism.  I pointed out that not only was this wrong in principle as the award is for quality not style but, if the objective is to improve the standards of housing (which it is), concentrating on one least-popular style is not going to have that effect. 

The outcome of my resignation is that they have made me the chair and I have limited that to three years.

The consistent problem with traditional work and this award is that the traditional stuff submitted is most of the time absolutely dire.  If I am to make the difference I would like to make, I desperately need good quality traditional design presented in the right way. 

It is usually speculative developers who submit material and not only are a lot of spec developers very poor judges of what a good traditional scheme should be, but the presentation is dreadful.  The presentations are put together by their sales department which don’t understand that we’re not interested in bathroom taps (and yes almost every presentation has a full-page picture of a tap!) or garage doors.  The result is that the modernist schemes, more often than not presented by architects, just look more convincing. 

While the other judges will not ignore style, I feel obliged to do so and so find myself voting for modernist schemes because, in their own terms, they simply are better. 

I would be grateful if TAG members could make a big effort to put forward or ask developers they work with to put forward good traditional schemes (and if they do I suggest advice on presentation should be given). 

There are a number of categories and these include one-off  houses, not necessarily for sale but can be for an individual.  I can’t guarantee anything and I still have to put it to a vote with the other mainstream architect members of the panel.  But if I am to make any difference I really do need the material.

Please go to for more information and submit your entry for the closing date of  2nd May 2014



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