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Ancient Art & Architecture

Good bit on Classical Greek Architecture

Architectural Dublin

Architecture in Dublin

Art Workers Guild

Society which promotes the integration of the fine and applied arts with architecture. The members include craftsmen, artists and architects

Baroque Architecture of St Petersburg

Baroque Architecture of St Petersburg

Congress for New Urbanism

Central organization for the promotion and education of traditional patterns of urban design called New Urbanism.

Coucil for European Urbanism

A parallel organization to the CNU concentrating on the promotion of traditional European urbanism.

Gardens, Villas, and Social Life in Renaissance Florence

Gardens, Villas, and Social Life in Renaissance Florence


The International Network for Traditional Arts

James Howard Kunstler

An impressive writer and commentator on the contemporary architectural and urban mess. Kunstler speaks for the ordinary man and says what he thinks about what he can see.


An excellent webzine dedicated to new traditional architecture.

Lutyens Trust

An organisation for all those who admire the work of this great 20th century architect

Movement for Classical Renewal

A site for traditionalist artists in the UK

New Bohemia

A site highlighting the revival of tradition in all the arts from music, painting, sculpture.

New Urban Guild

The Guild site is intended to be first and foremost a collection of great resources for the creation of good architecture and urbanism. An excellent resource point!

The Prince's Foundation

A central point of reference for the work of HRH Prince Charles to the revival of tradition in the arts

Traditional Building Magazine

A US based magazine and a wonderfull source of building products and methods.

University of Notre Dame

The principal school of architecture in the US (and the world) that gives its students a education in classical architecture and urbanism.

Veritas et Venustas

Fresh and interesting information on a frequently updated architecture and urbanism based blog.