INTBAU World Congress
in association with TAG

Local Solutions to Global Challenges
London, 18-19 February 2015

World Congress




Peter Elmlund (Ax:son Johnson Foundation) and Johan Martelius discussed the research behind their new book, Swedish Grace: The Forgotten modern.

Peter Elmlund and Johan Martelius both work at the Ax:son Johnson Foundation, a private foundation the principal objective of which is to facilitate scientific research. Johan Martelius is Associate Professor in Communication Systems, at the school of ICT at KTH, Stockholm. Peter Elmlund is a writer, publisher, economist and policy thinker, and an associate professor at KTHm Stockholm. Since 2002 Peter Elmlund has led the Urban City Research at the Ax:son Johnson Foundation, and led a research project on the relationship between urban form and human behaviour.
Urban City Research runs a three year collaboration with UN Habitat and PPS in New York. The goal of the collaboration is to get local politicians, other decision-makers and professionals worldwide to shift focus from `buildings' to `places' and engage in creative placemaking. Peter is currently organising an international conference forum entitled Future of Places in collaboration with UN-Habitat and PPS.


Summary Notes

  • Sweden is a small country thinking like a big building
  • The architect of place is more important that the architect of time
  • Why is Swedish grace more important – continuity
  • We hope it will be a revitalising force